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Our main focus is the uncompromising realization of our customer‘s ideas. Premium quality products and materials, short decision paths and a dedicated staff make this possible.


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Since 1985, HD Furniture Fittings has been offering an extensive product range for modern furniture construction to its partners in the international furniture industry. We develop customer-oriented and attractive products both for and in conjunction with our clients – starting with the first idea, through to design, production, finishing and final delivery. To optimize the customer’s material logistics and production processes in furniture manufacturing, HD Furniture Fittings offers a range of comprehensive services.

Our customers can count on us for global sourcing management and long-term partnerships with exclusive manufacturing facilities that ensure high quality and competitive products. A reliable quality management as well as proven and successively optimized delivery logistics round off our services.

Reliable function

Convincing design


What may we do for you? Do you require standard items at highly competitive terms and custom logistics? Or do you seek advice on product development and design with a partner that can realize your ideas and requirements? Try us out – quick offers and rapid prototyping are our strengths!


Connection Fittings

Easy joining of furniture components, simple and error-free installation – modern furniture construction would be unthinkable without connecting fittings. Combining safety, ease of use and cost-efficiency as guiding principles, we develop our range of fittings in constant exchange with our clients. Let us bring design, function and sustainability together for you.


Functional Fittings

Our wide range of functional fittings offers furniture producers a vast array of integrated solutions to efficiently adapt their products to their clients‘ demands.


Decorative Fittings

Our decorative fittings provide the perfect finishing touch to your individual design ideas, helping you catch the customer’s eye.



Our service models optimize your workflow, reduce your costs and increase your return on investment. Whether it‘s C-parts management, just-in-time delivery, automated bag packing, Kanban delivery logistics or expert advice on design and engineering services: we provide personalized service to our clients.
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C-parts management

  • Global sourcing, process optimization, cost efficiency - important factors to increase your return on investment. Focus your future resources on strategic purchasing!
  • HD Furniture Accessories, in mutual cooperation, provides for jointly defined items:
  • The processing of purchasing and disposition
  • Warehousing and picking
  • On-time delivery
  • Financing and accounts payable processing


The secure, timely and cost-optimized supply is the focus of a concept tailored to your individual needs.

  • Smooth operation
  • Reduction of process costs
  • More resources and capacity for strategic purchasing
  • Optimization of the price base

An EPD link via EDI speeds up the exchange of information and makes the procurement processes transparent at all times – while at the same time reducing administrative process costs.

Your advantages:

  • Optimization of procurement processes
  • Reduction of procurement costs
  • Reduction of part variety
  • Process transparency
  • Reduction of the number of suppliers
  • Shortening of total processing time
  • Acceleration of information exchange
  • Decentralization of the ordering system
  • Reduction of Maverick Buying
  • Reduction of purchase prices
  • Delivery service optimization
  • Stock dismantling

Automated Bag Packing

For easy installation of kitchen and furniture systems, we offer efficient and reliable assembly in fitting bags made of environmentally friendly PE foil for all product areas. Imprint or label on request. Even small bags can be provided – for instance, with a construction manual.

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic
  • Manual control
  • Electronic final inspection
  • Environmentally friendly PE foil
  • Optional imprint or label

Kanban delivery logistics

Upon request, we can offer you a delivery system based on the demand-oriented Kanban method, enabling flexible production control according to the pull principle. The decentralized process control of the Kanban system offers a high adaptive potential to short-term changes in demand. Constant material availability combined with reduced capital commitment make full use of your operational potential and provide real competitive advantages.

Individual project implementation

  • Definition of Kanban items
  • Setting up a fully stocked Kanban warehouse in your headquarters
  • Continuous adjustment of the Kanban warehouse
  • Automatic post-scheduling on consumption or cancellation of a Kanban quantity
  • Automatic subsequent delivery of the quantities consumed
  • Regular comparison of the defined Kanban quantities

Your advantages:

  • Reduction of your stocks while maintaining constant availability
  • Significantly reduced capital commitment
  • Significantly reduced administration effort

Design, construction and function.

Everyone lives their own style – some like a purist approach, others have urban or rural preferences. Industrial furniture production must be continuously adjusted to many different tastes and individual requirements. But one thing always remains the same – attractive furniture is characterized by safety and durability, smooth functionality and modern connections. At HD, we provide our full expertise and experience to our customers to develop connective, functional and decorative fittings perfectly matched to the furniture series of our individual clients. From design and construction to prototyping and series delivery, fast and high-quality results are delivered daily. This is our reputation. 

Simply test us and get in touch right now.


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